Libertarian Left

Have you ever measured your Political Compass?

I saw some classmates had been blogging about their position on the political compass. Also interested to see where my beliefs would place, I completed the 6 part quiz to see where I would fall on the multi-axis grid as represented by the economic scale left and right and the social scale top and bottom.

In completing the questionnaire, I had the sneaking suspicion that I would end up extremely far on the left of the spectrum. As such, it was no surprise when I received this result when all was said and done…

These results indicate that I join the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama (not bad company, I might add) in believing in economic collectivism and moderate libertarianism, which according to Wikipedia, means that I apparently have anarchist leanings?

Given these results, I began to wonder what this means for my own political behaviour. While browsing the Political Compass website, I came across this graphic representing the Canadian Party Political Compass

This is where I was, in fact, surprised to see the result. In the 2008 Federal Election I actually voted for the Green Party and had truthfully never really considered the NDP as an option. However, in seeing this graphic, it appears as though the NDP align closest with my position on the Political Compass. This leads me to wonder what it was that caused me to vote Green and wonder even more so, why I hadn’t considered the NDP.¬†These are the ideas I’ve come up with that might suggest my voting behaviour:

  • The importance I place on the issue of the environment led me to align with the party I felt represented that issue the best
  • Local politics – I was impressed with the local Green Party candidate, Cathy MacLellan
  • I wasn’t as informed as I thought I was

If anyone is out there, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what might have led me to vote for a party that perhaps didn’t represent my values…especially since I believe this is a common thread in voting behaviour – people often vote for representatives that actually run counter to their held beliefs.

Thanks for reading!