PB&J’s West Coast Adventures

So. B got a job in Vancouver. He found out November 18. He starts Monday.

For those of you whom I haven’t caught a moment to tell…we’re moving to Vancouver! It’s crazy and exciting and scary all at once and I’ve decided to start blogging to document our adventures to keep all our friends back home in the loop.

With a little over 2-weeks to get ourselves organized, we took a whirlwind trip last week to sort our shtuff out (ie find somewhere to live) before B starts work next week.

We arrived in Vancouver Monday morning at 9:15am local time. Greeted at the airport by my mom’s cousin, we dropped our bags at his place in Marpole and hit the pavement to scope out the housing situation. We were lucky enough to have made some arrangements to view places based off things we’d seen on Kijiji.

Our first stop was in a neighbourhood called Kerrisdale. It’s adorable and looks like this:

Unfortunately, the timing of the place we looked at here didn’t work for us, so, it was on to our next stop, which was downtown in the West End. An unfortunate mishap involving a small kitchen fire prevented us from viewing the apartment so after a stroll through the neighbourhood to see what else we could find, it was on to our next appointment in the coveted area known as Yaletown. This trendy studio apartment boasted a rooftop patio but we just couldn’t justify the $1550/m price tag to live in a unit that was barely 300ft^2. Too bad.

Our final stop of the day took us to east Vancouver, bordering the neighbouring city of Burnaby. It was here that we found ourselves in an adorable 1-floor condo with den, bedroom, kitchen (with nook!) and bathroom – fully furnished, pet friendly, available immediately and for a reasonable price – a welcome end to an otherwise hectic day. Promising the landlord we’d figure things out in the next 24-hours, we grabbed a pizza and returned to Marpole feeling considerably more relieved.

Here’s an overview of where our Monday adventures took us. I can’t wait to tell you all about how much I love the transit system here:

A combination of having been awake since 3:45am EST, jet-lag and a day of exploring led me to sleep at 8:30pm which made for a completely rested 6:30am wake-up on Tuesday. After starting the day with a yummy breakfast at Denny’s (yes! They have a Denny’s in Vancouver!), and not convinced that we had explored all of our options, B and I took the morning to meander through the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood as we’d heard glowing recommendations of the vibe of this area from friends. Our 2.5 hour stroll turned up few results. Now we had a decision to make – do we take the place that’s practically perfect (although seemingly far from B’s future place of work), or, do we try our luck in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano – known to be the more student-centred neighbourhood given its proximity to UBC. Aching, soggy feet prevailed and we decided to go with the guarantee. So, from a corner table in the Starbucks at the corner of East Broadway and Main, we called up the girl looking to sublet her condo in east Vancouver and told her we were ready to commit.

It turns out she is originally from Hamilton (fate?!) with whom I share mutual friends from the Hamilton theatre circuit. Currently touring with a show, she won’t be back in Vancouver until later in 2012. So, the remainder of Tuesday was spent getting the keys to our new digs, sharing a celebratory meal and heading back to Marpole for another early night.

On Wednesday, my mom’s cousin was lovely enough to give us a ride, with all our gear to the new place and also to the grocery store so we could get Bryan some sustenance for the next few weeks. We spent the rest of the day getting B set up and then touring around the neighbourhood. We also made a stop off at Telus to get B a Vancouver phone number!

For those of you who might be curious, here are some photos of our new apartment!


Oh…and here’s the view of the neighbourhood…


Not bad, eh?

Wednesday evening we decided to explore Commercial Drive, which we’d been told had a lot of great restaurants. We stumbled across St. Augustine’s on 45cent wing night. This delightful little craft brewhouse and pub, named after the patron saint of beer, has 40+ taps, most from locally sourced microbreweries. Delicious. If any of you come to visit us, we’ll definitely take you for a paddle.


Thursday morning, I was dropped off at the airport and B and I said our farewells for the next four weeks. I’ll be back early in the new year.


CRAZY! More updates to come!