The Outsider’s Guide to Vancouver, BC

I recently made a post on Facebook where I mentioned that I was beginning Operation: Integrate with the Locals and Become a Vancouverite. Regardless, in this quest I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m probably going to be learning a lot about this city the hard way.

So, to save you similar pain and/or embarrassment, welcome to my new series – The Outsider’s Guide to Vancouver! Here, I’ll attempt to give you some insight on things I wish I had known before coming here and making an ass of myself.

1. When entering/exiting the Skytrain station via the escalator, Stand Right, Walk Left.

I’m pretty sure that this is actually general escalator etiquette. Luckily for me, I had already learned this lesson from a polite Canadian woman while in Washington, DC last year for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. I blame my ignorance on the fact that I hadn’t been lucky enough to live in a place with a world-class transit system. (Waterloo Region is getting there, I think?!)

BEWARE! People get super pissed when you don’t respect this rule of the escalator. You’re welcome. I just saved you from destroying a Vancouverite’s commute to work.