We’re HERE!

What a month!

Since arriving back in Ontario after my last jaunt in Vancouver, my life consisted of finishing up my work term, lots of packing, cleaning, organizing, and saying goodbyes. Then it was the holidays…which really didn’t feel much like the holidays.

B flew in on December 24. After doing four days of family Christmas and a day of Hanukkah, we also had to finish packing my entire apartment because the shipping company was coming to pick up the stuff we wanted to move to Vancouver on December 29. Stressful and exhausting!

We spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home and New Year’s Day was spent moving the rest of my furniture and belongings into our teenie little storage locker. Thanks to the kindness of some beautiful friends, we had somewhere to sleep that night.

B flew back to Vancouver on January 2 and I continued my life as a couchsurfer. January 3rd was bittersweet as it was my last in-person SWR team meeting. I was sent off with an awesome surprise extended drink club. And they gave me real live tweets! And swag. So amazing. It was the perfect farewell to the people and the region that I’ve grown to love so much. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH ALREADY! Thanks so much to the incredible @sjaybrown for everything!! xxooo

After saying goodbye to Waterloo, it was off to Hamilton for a week of friends and family.

I was glad when January 10 finally arrived. As much as I enjoyed spending time with loved ones I was craving some stability and a place that I could really call home. We arrived at the airport shortly after 4. My flight was set to leave at 6:15. January 10 turned out to be an expectantly stressful day – mostly on account of traveling with P. I can’t really blame him though. I’d be pretty freaked out too if I had to sit in a carrier for 9.5 hours surrounded first by a zillion people in Pearson Airport and then a gigantic airplane. By about 9:00pm local time (midnight Ontario time) we had arrived in Vancouver safe, sound and unscathed, except for a few obnoxious business men who we shared our area of the plane with.

B was there to meet us at the airport with our delightful Prius ZipCar ready to whisk us home. Once we’d been fed, we weary travelers were ready for sleep almost immediately.

And now the adventure begins…