Granville Island

During our second weekend here we decided to check out Granville Island. A tourist hotspot, we didn’t actually have a chance to check it out when we were here over the summer. Granville Island is a really neat little place. I’m so glad we were there on a day when it wasn’t buzzing with tourists because we really could check out everything.

My favourite thing about Granville was the Public Market. It’s like St. Jacobs Market – but way bigger, with a wider variety of foods and without the flea market. Granville Island boasts itself as a hub for the arts (it is home to Emily Carr University of Art + Design, after all).  As such, you’ll find a bunch of unique little shops, theatres, street performers, musical shows and art exhibitions.

Did you know that they filmed the last scene from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol here? Fact. 

Oh, and you’ll also find the Granville Island Brewing Company, of course. So good. They don’t start doing tours until April, though so we’ll have to go back in the spring!

One thing that I really loved about Granville Island is how you can see that it’s a place that underwent a successful repurposing of space – kind of like what Kitchener is doing with its old manufacturing hubs like the Tannery and Kaufman Lofts. From what I’ve read about the island, it was originally an industrial hub with a number of factories manufacturing everything from chain to barrels, wire rope, nails, saws, paint and cement. These same factories still make up the structures which now house the public market and other businesses. There’s even a cement factory in the middle of the island, surrounded by tourist attractions. I must admit, the cement trucks painted like fruits are pretty cute.