A City of Neighbourhoods

I’m here again with more lessons on how to integrate flawlessly into Vancouver culture.

Get the neighbourhoods right!

I’ve often heard of Vancouver described as “a city of neighbourhoods.” And it’s pretty true! When you ask a Vancouverite, “where do you live?” They identify with the neighbourhood first. Then, if necessary, they’ll specify a major intersection.

And, each neighbourhood has its own personality and vibe. Check out this neighbourhood guide for more info. I think we technically live in Hastings-Sunrise but there’s some ambiguity on the east side.

Almost as important as getting the neighbourhood right (or more important, depending on who you ask), is getting the district right. The West End refers to the downtown peninsula encompassing Stanley Park, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, and the downtown financial districts. This is not to be confused with the West Side which refers to the western, non-downtown half of Vancouver, or West Vancouver which is its own municipality. Conversely, East Van, the East Side and East end all denote East Vancouver.

And now you know!