Date Night! The Refinery and Illuminate Yaletown

This past Saturday, B and I took a night out on the town.

The evening started with some award winning cocktails and a tapas-style dinner at The Refinery, thanks to a Living Social deal that had arrived to my inbox. Also hilarious, it seemed like everyone else in the restaurant was also using the Living Social deal. We started with a mixed board off of their Charcuterie menu, featuring two meats, an aged cheddar and a blue cheese, accompaniments and crostinnis. For dinner, B ordered the braised lamb shank and I had the spaghetti with white wine butter and topped with LOTS of mushrooms. It was DELICIOUS. We finished dinner off with some sort of chocolate brownie. SO GOOD. If this were a foodie blog, I’d give our experience 8/10. The food was great, I loved the ambiance and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly. However, I found them to be a bit inattentive at times and they did forget to bring out B’s dessert.

Afterwards, we headed over to Yaletown – one of the trendy neighbourhoods downtown for Illuminate Yaletown. If you remember, this wouldn’t be our first experience in Yaletown. We happened to look at an “apartment” in this area when we were looking for somewhere to live.

This was the third annual Illuminate Yaletown and was put on as part of the City and Slope Festival. The event is an interactive art street party featuring 20 innovative exhibits all created by local artists centred around the theme of light. It kind of reminded me of Nuit Blanche (on a much smaller scale) in that streets were shut down and everyone was really getting into the exhibits. It was a free event and spanned 2 nights – Feb 10 and 11.

If there was ever any wonder why Vancouver is right for me, just read this description:

Oh look! It's @JennCarreiro on the massive tweet wall!

Illuminate Yaletown utilizes advanced video and lighting technology that is both cutting edge and power smart. Showcasing the latest technological and environmental advancements in the lighting and power generation, this light show has the ability to awe the audience with its brilliance. Illuminate Yaletown is an event that can speak to the use of renewable power sources, cleaner generation technologies as well as more efficient light technologies.

Oh Vancouver and your hippies…

Radiant HeatThe event featured a wide variety of art pieces, including some that had an interplay between light and sound, light graffiti and they even had these crazy LED lights on bicycles. The highlight for me was Radiant Heat. They were these crazy fire dancers complete with LED hoola hoops, fire, frilly skirts and bass lines that just made you dance.



Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat








You can check out more photos from Illuminate Yaletown here. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!