Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Vancouverites! Did you get a chance to check out #VIMFF? It ran Feb. 10 – 18.

I had a chance to check out Ski Night on the second last night of the festival and it was AWESOME.

The evening featured 7 films:

Although I couldn’t pick a favourite, Freedom Chair, Parallels and the 1st Afghan Ski Challenge were the highlights of the evening for me.

Another treat of the evening was a guest presentation from Nick Waggoner from Sweetgrass Productions who interlaced his amazing stories of capturing Ski and Snowboard Films in far away lands like Latin America and Japan with a few shorts in the lead up to Solitaire – Sweetgrass’ feature film. Captivating stuff, folks.

Another highlight of the evening for me? THE THEATRE. Have you ever been to Denman Cinemas? Holy adorable, Batman. It’s a huge, classic theatre. So pretty. Also, how adorable is Vancouver’s West End? SO ADORABLE. Cute times, all around.

In other news, I really wish I wasn’t such a chicken shit. I’d totally love to try skiing. B and I went snowshoeing this weekend though, which was also pretty awesome. Deets soon!