Vancouver Fashion

Yes, I know, everyone jokes about the rain here in Vancouver, but we’re coming off a streak of about a week and a half of during which it rained at least once every single day.

This has provided me with a little piece of advice to help newcomers prepare themselves for the elements here in the rainy city…

Never leave home without an umbrella.

I’m serious. Never. Even if the day starts out bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky. The weather changes fast over here and before you know it, you’re swashing through a downpour with wet everything.

Umbrellas are hugely accommodated in Vancouver. When you walk into a restaurant, it’s likely that you’ll see a little bucket somewhere near the door – that’s where patrons are meant to put their umbrellas on rainy days so you don’t make a mess of the restaurant.

Umbrellas are even part of bar fashion. When heading to a bar or club in Ontario, it was rare to see, but here, coat checks are fully equipped to house these sopping messes of fabric, and every lady travels with one. That’s how hard (and how often) the rain falls. So pick up a cute, small, collapsible one that you can fit in your purse and you’ll be golden.

And while you’re at it, ladies, invest in a pair of these:

Rubber Boots







Fashion and function!

You’ll thank me. Promise!