Tracks on Tracks

Have you heard about this?

A little-known fact about moi – I’m recently addicted to CBC Radio 3 and they’ve been hyping Tracks on Tracks for weeks – and everytime they talk about it, I get more and more jealous.

Essentially, it’s a train ride on VIA Rail – departing Vancouver on June 8 and arriving in Toronto on June 12 – just in time for NxNE. 37 musicians and dozens of music lovers will travel across this wonderful land for what’s guaranteed to be a good time of tunage and revelry.

If you can peel yourself away from life for a week or so, you should definitely look into getting a spot on this train. And if you can’t, maybe the train is making a stop in your tiny town and you can head out to a platform party? The complete schedule is here. If I had any vacation time, I’d totally be all over this!

Oh CanCon <3.