Wine on the Water

B planned a surprise date night for us this week that I feel the need to share.

At least once every two days I talk about wanting to go on a boat. So maybe just to shut me up, he found an evening boat cruise through Accent Cruises. I think they do a variety of tours but this one in particular was a wine tasting tour around the Burrard Inlet.

The boat departed from Granville Island at 6:30pm and the tour lasted about 2.5 hours – during which you had the opportunity to taste and evaluate 8 different wines from around the world (Marcus James Malbec, anyone?).

We had a perfect evening for the tour. The mountains looked spectacular and you could see for miles. When not taking in the incredible views, the tour also went along the shores of West Vancouver – where you can own your very own ocean front property for a cool $10 million (give or take 3).

West Vancouver

It was such a great evening. Really peaceful once we got out on the water, despite there being nearly 100 people on board. The cruise line itself was kind of funny – felt a bit like they were trying hard (unsuccessfully) to seem classy, but I wasn’t fooled the moment I saw vinyl table cloths and fake flowers. Then the food came out (LOL!) – some slices of french bread, three types of cheese, crackers, some quiches, sausage rolls and spanikopita – which all looked like they came from Costco and were thrown into an industrial oven. Pretty lame spread – maybe wasn’t the best idea to show up to a wine tour on an empty stomach.

But, it was hard to beat the views, the feelings of calm and sheer awe, and the wines were pretty tasty, too.

It’s a neat idea that I’d recommend to both tourists and locals alike. It’s something kind of unusual, and you could tell the majority of our shipmates were locals. So, if you want to do something neat without feeling like a tourist – check it out!

Pinot Gris


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