East Side Culture Crawl

I wish, wish, wish I had blogged about this while you readers still had the chance to attend. The 16th Annual East Side Culture Crawl ran last weekend (Nov 16, 17, 18).

433 local East Van artists opened their studio doors to the public for three glorious days of art-filled awesomeness. The aim of the Culture Crawl is to engage with the public through the creation of events, programming and partnerships that foster awareness, encourage visibility and promote artists and their work.

We took part in the crawl on Sunday with some friends of ours. It was rainy (lol!) so we opted to

visit 1000 Parker, an amazing old warehouse that has since been converted into four floors of studio space for 150+ artists. Hiding out from the rain, we ended up spending over 3 hours wandering the building and fawning over some beautiful pieces. We showed up about an hour after it opened and as the afternoon wore on, it got hella busy. This made it a bit challenging to experience the art. Next year, I’ll plan to get there even earlier.

I tried my hardest not to be tacky, so I only took a few photos – and none of the art inside but here are a few shoddy Blackburry photos.

If you’re just hearing about this event now, you’ll have to wait until next year to get your crawl on. But maybe if you loiter around the entrance to 1000 Parker, they might just let you in to wander around?