Date Night! The Refinery and Illuminate Yaletown

This past Saturday, B and I took a night out on the town. The evening started with some award winning cocktails and a tapas-style dinner at The Refinery, thanks to a Living Social… Continue reading

Free Skating in Robson Square

It doesn’t get overly cold in Vancouver. Most days the temperatures range from about 5 – 8 degrees Celsius. So, when I heard that there exists an outdoor rink in Vancouver – I was… Continue reading

How to Start a Conversation in Vancouver

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s a little trick I’ve developed from chatting with people whom I’ve encountered since arriving in Vancouver. So you know how difficult it can be to… Continue reading

A City of Neighbourhoods

I’m here again with more lessons on how to integrate flawlessly into Vancouver culture. Get the neighbourhoods right! I’ve often heard of Vancouver described as “a city of neighbourhoods.” And it’s pretty true!… Continue reading

Savage Love

Checked out Dan Savage  a couple of weekends ago at the Vogue Theatre. Structured in a Q & A format, it was a no-holds-barred evening with Dan answering audience questions on topics from the… Continue reading

Granville Island

During our second weekend here we decided to check out Granville Island. A tourist hotspot, we didn’t actually have a chance to check it out when we were here over the summer. Granville… Continue reading

2nd Annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival!

Yes. It is as delicious as it sounds. I’m such a sucker for hot chocolate. It’s the most amazing hot beverage. January 14 – February 14. We tried Bella Gelateria and its “To… Continue reading

Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver

Weird! Who could ever call this beautiful city ugly? Two weekends ago we went to check out the current exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. It was a sunshiny, snowy Vancouver day –… Continue reading

The Outsider’s Guide to Vancouver, BC

I recently made a post on Facebook where I mentioned that I was beginning Operation: Integrate with the Locals and Become a Vancouverite. Regardless, in this quest I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m… Continue reading

We’re HERE!

What a month! Since arriving back in Ontario after my last jaunt in Vancouver, my life consisted of finishing up my work term, lots of packing, cleaning, organizing, and saying goodbyes. Then it… Continue reading

PB&J’s West Coast Adventures

So. B got a job in Vancouver. He found out November 18. He starts Monday. For those of you whom I haven’t caught a moment to tell…we’re moving to Vancouver! It’s crazy and… Continue reading

Sober Second Thoughts – The Value of Political Satire

I write this evening from the place where I assume most literary masterpieces are penned – hunkered down in bed. The scene in my room this evening is a familiar one – pyjama-clad,… Continue reading

Libertarian Left

Have you ever measured your Political Compass? I saw some classmates had been blogging about their position on the political compass. Also interested to see where my beliefs would place, I completed the… Continue reading

Left and Right: Two Parts of the Whole

In class over the coming weeks we are going to discuss partisanship in politics. Partisanship can be an exasperating subject, especially given that it is difficult to identify examples of bipartisanship and cooperation… Continue reading

“Particularlism and Tolerance”

In week 6, we explored what some of the value differences are between Canada and the United States. It was suggested that one of the characteristics that sets Canada apart from the United… Continue reading