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Sober Second Thoughts – The Value of Political Satire

I write this evening from the place where I assume most literary masterpieces are penned – hunkered down in bed. The scene in my room this evening is a familiar one – pyjama-clad,… Continue reading

Libertarian Left

Have you ever measured your Political Compass? I saw some classmates had been blogging about their position on the political compass. Also interested to see where my beliefs would place, I completed the… Continue reading

Left and Right: Two Parts of the Whole

In class over the coming weeks we are going to discuss partisanship in politics. Partisanship can be an exasperating subject, especially given that it is difficult to identify examples of bipartisanship and cooperation… Continue reading

“Particularlism and Tolerance”

In week 6, we explored what some of the value differences are between Canada and the United States. It was suggested that one of the characteristics that sets Canada apart from the United… Continue reading

The Least Accurate Indicator of Political Engagement

A particular focus in the first weeks of this course centered around political participation. I found the class discussions surrounding this topic to be somewhat problematic – primarily because I think the tendency… Continue reading

The Power of the Gimmick – Youth Participation in Election Campaigns

Flash mobs. Facebook photo bombing. Viral videos. Morph suits. Gimmicks. To begin thinking about political behaviour, I’d like to start on a micro level – with the things that relate closest to me.… Continue reading